Corporate culture:
What is important to us and how we work together

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How we deal with each other

Social responsibility in a complex world is a high priority for us as a company.

We therefore maintain trusting relationships with employees, customers and business partners. We encourage our employees to feel comfortable and develop and motivate them to engage in ongoing training.

And we all benefit – customers, employees, and companies. We ensure safe processes and fair working conditions in the company. We want to remain competitive in the global marketplace. We continuously work on it by optimizing production and processes and adopting current and proven production methods.

Patrick Krüger

Patrick Krüger, Managing Director, 1. Wenz-Mechanik GmbH

Our values

For us is particularly important:

  • Openness, honesty, credibility and decency as the basis of our actions
  • Development of innovative products that are useful to people
  • The constant drive to make something positive happen
  • Quality

Our commitment

Cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart

Support for technical colleges in the field of mechanical engineering

Assumption of regional responsibility

Good, fair and honest training of our apprentices


We pay attention to the careful use of energy and raw materials and environmentally friendly disposal. This saves money and protects our environment.