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We manufacture your desired precision parts of the highest quality.

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In these industries, we are active.

Precision parts of the highest quality

Milled precision parts are in demand in almost every industry. In many cases, everything starts with a prototype for a new project. After successful testing, series production begins. Our customers have the advantage of getting both with us: Prototype and series parts. 

The list of the already manufactured product range is extended. From vehicle parts to surgical instruments to gripper units for robotics, we have manufactured everything so far.

Kleinserien - Wenz Mechanik

Medical Technology

Medical technology means filigree components, the highest quality requirements and absolute precision. Examples of products already supplied in medical technology can be found here. 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is diverse and demanding. We know from decades of experience how to meet these requirements. You can find more application examples from mechanical engineering here. 


Here we are mostly talking about large series that starts with a prototype. We procure everything: Castings that we process reliably in large-scale production. Customer examples from the automotive sector can be found here.