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Precision machines - the heart of our manufacturing

Milling machines from Hermle
Unsere Fräsmaschinen

Our manufacturing core is Hermle three and five axes precision machines. Equipped with all options required by reliable and precise manufacturing, the machines are designed to meet even the most difficult requirements for material and processing. These machines belong to the best of their kind - exactly right for our production and manufacturing demands.

Our machinery

  • Milling machines from Hermle
  • Machines with up to 30 tools ensure fast tool exchange times.
  • Maximum rotational speeds of up to 16,000 rpm.
  • Connection to the CAD/CAM programming station via the local network
  • File formats / interfaces:
    • IAM / IPT / IPN / IDW
    • STEP / SAT
    • IGS / IGE / IGES
    • DXF / DWG
    • X_T / X_B / XMT_BIN
  • Large traverse paths (X up to 875 mm. Y up to 600 mm, Z up to 500 mm)
  • High rapid traverse velocity of 36 m/min all axes concurrently
  • Distance measurement system with 0.0001 mm resolution
  • Digital TNC control: highest accuracy by integrated measuring sensors
  • Maximum error reduction by automatic workpiece location and geometry acquisition
  • Quick change pallet system for shorter setup times (tool always aligned at zero point)
  • Tool laser measurements within the machines during processing

Rework and other processes

Besides actual milling, we also perform advanced processing steps in-house in an efficient, fast and clean way:

Surface treatments: Grinding, slide grinding, polishing, matting and blasting

Joining techniques: Component assembly , all soldering processes, spot-welding, TIG welding, laser welding and bonding

Special processes

For coatings, prints, labels and identifications, heat treatments for annealing, nitrogen hardening, anodizing, parts cleaning and especially packing we closely collaborate with specialized and highly reliable external partners.

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