1.Wenz-Mechanik GmbH Halskestraße 10
D-72766 Reutlingen
Telephone: +49 71 21/16 72-0
Telefax: +49 71 21/16 72-14

Pflanze in Hand Wir achten auf schonenden Einsatz von Energie und Rohstoffen, sowie auf eine umweltgerechte Entsorgung. Das spart Geld und schont unsere Umwelt. Deshalb erzeugen wir über 40% unseres Energiebedarfs durch unsere Photovoltaikanlage selbst.

Unsere Mitarbeiter sind unser Kapital

Our employees are our most valuable asset!
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Reliable and committed employees ensure short production times. All sequences are optimized, transparent and controllable. Technical top performance and personal project management - the combination ensures success. Our owner-managed team not only "processes" orders, but competent contact partners support the customer from the first meeting to workpiece delivery. Whether aerospace, medical engineering or mechanical engineering - you communicate with a competent partner!
This is not simply commissioned processing, but manufacturing with interest and passion.

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